Win Every Clash Royale Game

Win Every Clash Royale Game Tutorial

Win Every Clash Royale Game Tutorial

You may wonder how you can Win Every Clash Royale Game? There are some tricks that we will show you, and using our Clash Royale Online Hack Generator you will be unstoppable.

For begging watch this video that we make. From the video you will learn the essentials how to plan the cards and count the Elixir, which is essential for winning.

Now, when you have watch the video, you have another point of view how to plan the Elixir. The point is to stop the enemy troops by dropping cards that are less “Elixir” valuable. Also, great trick is if the enemy units are at “low level energy”, let the towers to destroy them.

Also, you need to know how to respond on certain enemy troops. If the enemy release flying troops, like a Baby Dragon, Minions or a Balloon, you need to respond also with flying units, or with a troops that fire at distance. Deploying card that are combat face to face (like Knight or Goblins) will not gonna do any damage to the flying units, only they gonna take the damage from the enemy units.

Another thing to know is that if the enemy release a lot of Skeletons or Goblins, you can defend yourself with releasing Valkyrie or attack it with Arrows.

If you want to destroy the enemy towers, than you need to release Hog Rider or a Prince. Even more, you can use Giant or even better Skeleton Giant (which is very rare card). But be careful. The Hog Rider and the Prince are easy defeated by the skeleton or minion army. Good trick is to combine this cards with Valkyrie or something similar.